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Cum on riding boots with Mistress Hybrid

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Cum on riding boots, Mistress Hybrid is in charge

I was driving back from rugby training last week when my car broke down. I was angry and stranded down a muddy, quiet country lane. What made me even more angry was my mobile had no battery! It must have been around 10 mins when i heard a vehicle coming up the lane. I looked behind me to see a black range rover speeding up the lane, as the 4×4 got closer I noticed it was a young attractive woman with amazing tits! (A bloke could be anywhere in the world and the first thing that he will notice is a pair of good tits!). The lady pulled up next to me and the electric window came down. She smiled at me as if she found it quite amusing that I was in distress and in a bad situation. “Oh dear, that’s not good is it. Do you need some help?” said the beautiful lady. I replied in the manliest voice I could muster”I could do with a tow to the nearest garage if u don’t mind love”


The first thing I noticed when she stepped out of the jeep was her long black leather thigh length boots. She had an amazing gym toned body. She was wearing skin tight jodhpurs, a small brown riding jacket (that showed of her 2 best features very well) and black leather gloves. I turned around and lifted the bonnet of my car to see if I could find any obvious problems with the engine. I was checking the oil when a sudden blow to the back of my head came from the car bonnet crashing down. I fell to the floor dazed and in slightly concust. It haddent occurred to me that the lady who had so kindly offered help to me had slammed the bonnet down onto me. so there I was on the floor with both my hands holding the back of my head when I noticed the lady walking from the boot of her jeep with some rope and a massive smile on her face, powerless to stop her from the blow to the head, she bound my hands behind my back and dragged me to the boot of her jeep. Still dazed from the blow to the head, she threw me into the boot of the jeep and bound my legs with rope. Now coming round and feeling vey helpless the lady leant over and whispered into my ear, “I my little pet, am miss hybrid and you have no idea of the fun you now have in store. Have you ever cum on riding boots?”


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Equestrienne Fun Miss Hybrid In Easy Access Jodhpurs

Kinky Stable Girl

English equestrian country lady, in very tight jodhpurs, photographed in her stables, holding a very large riding whip. Dare you enter?