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Seamed Stockings Mistress Hybrid Nylon Foot Job

Miss Hybrid stiletto heels with sexy seamed nylons in the stables.

Seamed Stockings Mistress Miss Hybrid.

Miss Hybrid in the stables, hands full, brings her seamed stocking clad legs and feet into action. The lucky stable hand is rubbing his trousers at the sight of Miss Hybrid’s sexy nylons and stiletto heels. Mistress Hybrid very soon takes over the rubbing with her nylon clad feet.

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Seamed stockings mistress Miss Hybrid foot job in the stables.
Miss Hybrid sexy seamed nylons and high heels foot job.

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Miss Hybrid Vintage Lingerie

Miss Hybrid seamed stockings

Miss Hybrid Sexy And Elegant Wearing Vintage Lingerie And Perfect Stockings

Miss Hybrid Sexy and Elegant wearing vintage lingerie and perfect stockings. Miss Hybrid was almost screaming with every tug of the chain on the nipple clamps. She had orgasamed as the clamps bit in on her large fully erect nipples. The sensation was mind blowing. Lady Ashby then went to the cupboard of joy and produced an hitachi wand and a blindfold. Miss Hybrid nodded knowingly she wanted more and was going to receive for a change. Lady Ashby released Miss Hybrid and led her to the four poster bed.

Miss Hybrid Vintage Seamed Stockings

Miss Hybrid vintage nylons

Tugging on the clamps making Miss Hybrid gasp with pleasure. She then blindfolded Miss Hybrid and laid her on the bed. Tying Miss Hybrid down on her back with silk scarves. She sucked her toes and worked her way up to Miss Hybrids dripping pussy. Miss Hybrid purred with delight as she heard the wand start. Lady Ashby touched the wand on each clamp in turn just because she enjoyed hearing the squeals of delight. As Miss Hybrids marvellous nipples took more punishment. They were swollen and over an inch and a half long and were as thick as corks. The lady then Placed the wand on Miss Hybrids pierced clit. Miss Hybrid actually screamed and pushed into the wand. Before shouting “keep it there until I squirt.”Which she did covering the satin sheets in cum. Lady Ashby was delighted her own nipples were erect and her clit had swollen. She whispered” I’m going to take off them clamps soon be prepared.” Miss Hybrid tried to speak but another orgasm ripped through her body. This was intense and wild. She would return a session like this and get Felix to film it at the manor. She then gasped as the wand was taken away and she felt the exquisite pain in her right nipple as the clamp was removed. The left nipple felt even better as the pressure eased on it from the clamp being removed. Lady Ashby wasted no time in licking, sucking and biting Miss Hybrids organ stop like nipples. She then untied her and said. “Thank you for letting me do that. I’ve heard you normally do the dominating. But my house my rules.” Miss Hybrid who was now composed and plotting said. “Indeed at the manor we will be reversing roles. As I’m sure your aware and you will not regret.” ………….. To be continued

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