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I watched her getting more and more turned on as she flicked through the pages of the porn mag, her hand playing with her ever increasingly moist pussy. Soon she needed more space to pleasure herself and oblivious to me she pulled her soaked panties to one side and straddled the desk, spreading her legs wide to give herself maximum access.

strict mistress Miss Hybrid, stables, pussy, cock

I’m sure she knew that I was there the whole time, but she managed to give this faint look of surprise when she looked up at me. ‘Do you like what you see?’ she asked. Her eyes dropped to the outstanding buldge in my shorts. ‘I know what I’d like to see. Get your cock out and come over here’, she ordered. It’s a brave man that doesn’t do what he’s ordered at Hybrid Manor, and I certainly needed no second bidding. I slipped off my boots and dropped my shorts and pants, releasing my engorged cock which sprang upwards once free.

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